About Me


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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Jenna, and I want to take your picture. Enough said?


I grew up in the cornfields and coffeeshops of Lancaster, Pennsylvania and got my degree in Franklin, Tennessee. Now, newly married, and recently graduated with a B.A. in Liberal Arts, my goal is to create as much as I possibly can. I am in love with the visual arts, especially when they are natural, comfortable, and honest.

I was a freshman in high school when I started taking pictures of all of my friends on my new Canon Rebel XSi. In those days I turned all my friends into my models, and shot blurry candids of all the kids in my church. Now, after dabbling in most every sort of photography, I have realized while I do love capturing most people in most situations, it’s always the most rewarding for me to take pictures of people in their happy space. Location makes all the difference. Rather than going to flower fields and open landscapes to take pictures, I want to get people where they’re at. In your house, or the park you’ve been taking your kids to a lot these days, or in your studio. I’ve never met a stage in life that wasn’t photo-worthy. I want to photograph you in a way that showcases the beauty and wonder and magic of where you are. Crazy kids, messy home in all. It’s too rich of a time in life to let it pass without soaking it up, and I’m positive you’ll want to look back at it.

Let me do what I love by letting you do what you love. Deal?